Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Special Projects

Gift Packs
We work closely with companies with all types of products in collating, assembling and packaging different multi-piece products and preparing them for retail sale.

What's New at Country Valley Industries

  • CVI recently received a prestigious award from one of our corporate customers for having packaged their food product for an entire year without introducing any foreign matter in the packaging. As a co-packer, our performance is critical to this customer. Our employees celebrated this accomplishment with a party and individual commemorative prizes funded by the customer. As in all of our operations, quality attainment is part of our culture.
  • Within the last few months- Feb/Mar of 2008- we have struck up a partnership with an innovative manufacturer of sporting supplies. Several of our workers, along with key support personnel, are operating on the customer’s sight. Our operations have provided the customer with a mobile team of workers that can expand or contract depending upon the volume of work needed. This is a great alternative to using conventional temp services, providing reliability, stability, and enthusiasm in the work area.
  • Quality Rules . . .
    During a national Quality Summit for one of our corporate customers, CVI received a certificate in recognition for having the lowest number of consumer complaints. Consumer complaints are assessed weekly by this customer and are based on complaints per million units.

    CVI was also asked to make a three minute presentation to the group with our best ideas exhibiting how we can positively affect cost, quality or service for this customer. We were recognized for having the Most Creative presentation.

  • To better serve our customer's shrink wrap needs, we have added another Shanklin to our equipment inventory. We recently purchased a Shanklin model CF1 to meet the ever increasing needs of our warehouse club pack business. This purchase is part of our ongoing commitment to upgrade our facilities and production capacities so that our customers don't have to.
  • Another truck has been added to our delivery fleet so we are able to respond to the just-in-time production demands of our regional customer base.
  • During the last quarter, Country Valley Industries added four new customers to its growing list..